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Hedge of Protection | Prayer & Podcast

The year so far has been filled with many devastating news and deaths. We’re plagued with a disease that has escalated into a global pandemic. Lives are being lost and many are sick. We’re taking safety precautions and we’re also seek the lord for protection. We’re lifting up a prayer today, we’re asking the Lord to guide us with a hedge of protection. 

The Prayer (available as a podcast)

Lord Jesus, we thank you today for the gift of life. Lord we thank you for being a shield of protection thus far. Lord we ask that you continue to shield and protect us. Protect us from all the snares of the enemy. Snares positioned to capture and harm us. Lord we ask that you hide us under your shadow. In your great and frightful shadow, where the enemy cannot near. For your shadows imposes fear on the enemy. And the enemy cannot near the shadow. 

Any orchestration of the enemy is overturned by the blood of Jesus. According to Exodus 12:13, your word say that there will be a passover when we’re marked by the blood. You promised no destructive plague shall near us due to the blood. 

We declare that there is a supernatural hedge of protection around us. Around our families, around our loved ones, around our jobs and businesses, and around our belongings. No arrow released by the enemy shall near us. We counter every arrow with the unfazed word of God. We declare: It is nullified by the blood of the lamb. 

This day we shall go forth and come back in peace. Our going out and our coming in is in your hands lord! We ask that your angels protect and guard us. May we be covered from evil eyes that hovers around. 

By the auction of the blood, every established and signed decree has been overturned! Every written decree concerning us, our family members and loved ones has been overturned! 

In this day, we shall see the bountiful grace and mercies of the lord. In this day, we shall tread upon lions and cobras According to Luke 10:19! In this day, our steps are ordered by you oh Lord. Because we’ve made you our refuge no evil shall befall us. We declare, you oh lord, are our refuge and fortress, in you we trust. 

We thank you lord for an answered pray. In Jesus name we pray amen. 

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